EXCLUSIVE Manuel Tur ‘Organic Reach’ [Freerange Records]

It’s been a long time since Manuel Tur lastly released on Jimpster’s Freerange Records label. It’s been five years since his eight-tracker ‘Es Cub’ set the tone for many Deep House-floors. With his upcoming EP on Freerange, ‘Organic Reach’, the Essen-based producer continues his musical journey under his solo-alias – meanwhile Tur has been with involved with his side-projects Amberoom or Clavis as well as producing several remixes – on the label and delivers a three tracker, ‘Organic Reach’, that depicts Manuel’s rippening process as a producer and therefore shows three different approaches to his current music-being. While ‘Astrakan’ and ‘Hold Your Hand’ certainly contain Tur’s deep textures the EP’s self-titled track ‘Organic Reach’ comes along with a darker tone as its bass line and soundscape-selection aims at the artist’s up to date most techno-ish production on the label. Hence the warmth of the implemented percussions and a short male vocal add a distinct drive Manuel Tur is known and acclaimed for as it’s become his trademark to skillfully combine the aforemetioned elements to one musical piece, which represents the artist’s sensivity of creating the ultimate groove in each of his tracks.

Manuel Tur’s EP ‘Organic Reach‘ will be released on Freerange Records April 12th, 2019.